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(1) year period of implementation of product quality "three guarantees." During the "three guarantees" Where normal faults and damage occurs (excluding wearing parts), the company responsible for the free repair or replacement.
If quality problems arise (2) warranty period, within 24 hours after receiving the user notification: to reply to by phone or fax, or send maintenance personnel, the deadline for completion of repairs, and do: "Failure does not rule out the withdrawal."
After (3) warranty period, providing quality services and accessories.
Production - illustrate my company's production schedule to ensure the strength and
My company has a complete range of machining and welding equipment; processing center for processing products of key components (such as shot blasting, etc.) precision components; have developed the blasting equipment to the product of the weldments plate shot blasting processing; with strong technology, with extensive practical experience in casting, machining, welding plate, distribution and installation team of skilled workers.
Assurance measures:
1. Product design by experienced engineers, experts to examine the design drawings, design quality assurance;
2. products not subcontract the whole production to a third party;
3. With regard to product components:
Ⅰ steel, profiles and other brand-name manufacturers from all raw materials purchase;
Ⅱ Accessories / standard parts (such as bearings, motors and gear, etc.) as possible buy from brand-name manufacturers, producers or designated by the user according to the use and maintenance conditions;
Ⅲ casting foundry by the large domestic production, high quality and low prices. At the same time, when I check into the professional quality control staff;
Ⅳ other components (including the board of welding, machining parts, etc.), all done in-house, in order to control the manufacturing quality.
Ⅴ domestic high-quality electrical components (or imported, according to user requirements) product, PLC choose foreign brands (Omron, Mitsubishi or Siemens) products to ensure automatic control level.
4. By design, quality supervision and quality control personnel set up a special group to ensure manufacturing quality;
5. The key components (such as shot blasting, etc.) plant for a long time load test;
6. After the large non-standard equipment, equipment manufactured by the user for each product function parts plant early acceptance, qualified after the factory.
7. manufactured products, to ensure the supply of spare parts



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