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Tumblast type shot blasting machine

  • Q3210 Tumble belt shotblasting machine
Q3210 Tumble belt shotblasting machine

Q3210 Tumble belt shotblasting machine

  • Product description: Q3210 Tumble belt shotblasting machine
This series is used for surface cleaning, rust removing, surface intensification of each kind of middle and small scale casting, forging and job. It is suitable for different production scale and can be stand-alone. Many units can also be used in conjunction with the continuous conveyor components, composing the production of clean-up lines.

It has the advantages of no pit, compact structure, small energy consumption and high efficiency.
Typ e parameter Q326 Q3210 QR3210
Productivity (T/H) 0.6-1.2 3-5 1.5-2.5
Loading weight (KG) 200 800 600
The maximum weight of one piece  (KG) 10 15 30
Diameter of roller  (MM) 650mm 1000mm 1000mm
Available capacity  (M3) 0.15 0.4 0.3
Blasting capacity  (KG/MIN) 100 250 250
Dedusting air volume (M3/H) 2200 6000 5000
Power consumption (KW) 12.6 32.6 24.3
Appearance dimension (MM) 3681*1650*5800 3644*2926*5856 3972*2600*4768
Total weight of machine (KG) 2340kgs 5843kgs 7400kgs
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