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Resin Sand Production Line

  • S25(28) Series Continuous Sand Mixer
S25(28) Series Continuous Sand Mixer

S25(28) Series Continuous Sand Mixer

S25(28) Series Continuous Sand Mixer
It is on the basis of assimilate overseas advance technology to make new design of adopting for resin(sodium silicate) self-hardening sand continuous sand mixer,it can stir uniform the flow regime binder,catalyst and sand to be moulding sand rapidly,and also output continuously so that to reach the mulling formative purpose.
This mixed are in compact structure,stable function,mulling balance and easy maintenance characteristics.Suitable for medium、major possession modelling and core making cooperation.It can adopt separately and also can equip with track conveyor and mould rollover unit to combine with machinery assembly line.
It has stationary and movable type,also can make design for elevation type sand mixer as customer request,can adopt different modelling and working request widely. Technical Parameter
Model Production Capacity(t/h) Turning Radius(mm) Sand Outlet Port Height(mm) Walking Speed(m/min) Power (kw)
Big Arm Small Arm
S245 4-6   1800 1200   4.8
S255 3-5 2500 1350 1300   7.2
S2510 8-10 3000 1600 1450   10.5
S2520 15-20 3500 1700 1700   12.5
S2530 25-30 3500-5000 2200 1500-1800   21.5
S2810 6-10 3000 1600 1500 8-20 19.5
S2820 15-20 4000 1700 1700 8-20 24.5
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